Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson.jpgFrank Wilson is a name that everyone in Hendersonville knows. As a child he was influenced and encouraged by his teachers to be the best person he can be.

After school Frank served in the military for eight years. He was also a truck driver and plant supervisor. He is currently a teacher and wrestling coach at Hendersonville Middle Schools. He enjoys coaching, helping with Sunday school, and singing in the choir.

In school Frank Wilson enjoyed playing football, although he did not play the sport in high school. Mrs. Jackson was one of his favorite teachers. "She was good…strong with discipline…good aim, but fun." She missies the school dances and homecoming. Frank does wish that he had taken a typing class while he was in school.

Wilson was "frustrated" and "disappointed" when he found out about the second hand books and supplies. Many people agree, though, that while equality was a must, he and others did not want to be forced into integration. "WE were happy. We were a family. We lost that when we integrated the schools."

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